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We offer

partnership-based and professional succession arrangements for entrepreneurs

We highly value the selling entrepreneur and want to build on his success, want to continue his work and ensure the continued existence of the company.

In doing so, a well-planned handover with smooth execution is important to us, which we can ensure flexibly and proactively due to our diverse background experience. With us, the process of a succession arrangement is very customised and situation-specific.

We are continuously searching for specialized SMEs that fit into our network and specifically expand it. We move and develop; we strive to catalyze the success of the individual companies through the expansion of the network.

companies security and a strong foundation for the future

In succession arrangements, we ensure the continued existence of the company and protect jobs, knowledge and customers. The companies can benefit from our experience and from the synergies with other holding members.

We support all our companies, starting with mutual networking, knowledge exchange, quality and systems, controlling and finance to marketing, communication and design. Here, each company can access those resources that are most beneficial for its own success.

development opportunities for employees

We foster our talents and actively support our employees in their personal growth. Through internal projects within the holding company, we aim to ensure that every employee knows what is important to him in life and finds his optimal position in our company. We believe that enjoying our work is an important guarantee for success.

We live a “do it” mentality and greatly appreciate the active involvement of our employees in shaping our common path.

This is the fundamental prerequisite for us to be able to deliver above-average performance together, to be happy and to achieve sustainable success.

Motivated and loyal employees are our key success factor.

added value and safety for customers

Since we grow continuously, our customers have access to a constantly expanding product and technology portfolio, which enables us to offer combined projects from one single source. Due to our holding culture and the structure of our network we are nevertheless able to act quickly and flexibly to meet the needs of our customers.

Furthermore, our customers gain more safety for their own processes due to our numerous possibilities of internal backup solutions.

Our subsidiaries support each other in terms of technology, machine capacities as well as know-how, thus ensuring permanent delivery capability.

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